"To watch, to wonder, and to conserve"
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Are you fascinated by bears?  Awed?  Perhaps terrified at times,or at least a little nervous?  

Would you like to learn how to minimize risk to yourself and your family or friends while sharing
wildlands with bears?

Do you crave the thrill of meeting wild bears on their own ground, living naturally, far from civilization?

Would you like to deeply understand these incredible animals and how they interact with other wildlife?

If so, then a WildWatch field course might be right for you.  Our lead instructor is Dr. Stephen
Stringham, a wildlife ecologist specializing in bear behavior, communication, and aggression.

Working in conjunction with the University of Alaska, and the Bear Viewing Association, Dr. Stringham
has long offered courses on bear safety for communities, governments, colleges and K-12 students.  
For several years, he has also trained bear viewing guides and bear guards.

To make learning easier and more enjoyable, Dr. Stringham has authored several
books, videos, and
webpages.  However, media are no substitute for firsthand experience.  

To really know bears, you have to watch them for hours or days on end, preferably at close enough
range to observe nuances of their body language, foraging, and other activities.  

That is exactly the opportunity which our field courses provide.

Students might be able to earn college credit by taking the entire spectrum of training -- textbooks,
videos, and webpages, followed up by a field course.  Or the field course by itself might earn "lab"
credits in conjunction with some other course.

The online part of our usual course is outlined below.  Here is a sample of
study questions.

The better students master this material before coming into the field, the more they will gain
from being in the field.
Field Courses on Bear Behavior & Ecology
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