Bear Dreamer

Curled in silence,
wrapped in wonder.

Sung beneath a frozen world
where all was still.

All of which could have moved, but did not.

Living rivers turned to ice.

Windless, lightless, womb of earth,
there dreams the winter bear.
There too, in another time, dreamt I.

A dreaming bear is a walking bear,
a spirit stalking forest and plain,
icescape and dreamscape,
of the Dreamer's mind.

Is it this, I wonder,
this communion beyond majesty and ferocity
intuition and intelligence,
which has bound me
decade after decade
to the Great Bear and his kin?

For although I am a scientist,
I am also a seeker
of stranger truths,

Who for year after year
has been thrilled and terrified,
fascinated and stupefied,
by this magnificent being.

Who while learning
bear’s worldly ways,
has met
“minds within the skins of other kinds,”
and finally glimpsed Spirit Bear.

© 1987  Stephen Stringham
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Bear Viewing in Alaska

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Life is a Strange & Wonderful
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Becoming Bear

Bear Dreamer
Live the Dream!
Learn what it's like to be a bear
"Walking as a Bear"
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"Bear Dreaming?"
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In part because
bears can be so dangerous,

they force you to pay attention.  

The awe of being in their presence

strips away the chaos
of thoughts and distractions
that normally dominate
your consciousness.  

They focus your attention
on the moment.  

They flood your blood with
adrenaline and endorphins.  

They introduce you to terror, awe,
amazement and ecstasy.

They connect you to the
deepest pulses of life.

This is their gift.  

The power to take your life,
or to renew it;

to re-create who you are,

if only for a moment,

and perhaps for a lifetime.

(c) 2002 Stephen Stringham
bear viewing Alaska, bear photography, bear safety, bear behavior
Brother Wild

Out of the dark and winter night,
through the storms and pains of youth,
you came,
another mind,
within the skin,
of another kind.

Beyond your ‘person’ality
and intelligence,
was that command
for my respect.

Ye who strove for dominance over me.
Ah, but we did battle.
Our thunder shook the earth.
And then we laughed,
and together slept
upon the mountain side.

Old friend, fellow being,
looking out through animal eyes.
I bear your scars.  You bear mine.

Across the years that pass,
I heed your cry,
seeking other minds,
within the skins,
of other kinds.

(c) 1968 Stephen Stringham
bear viewing Alaska, bear photography, bear safety, bear behavior
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